Agni Yoga and the Knights of the Sacred Fire (Out of Print)

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By divine right do we affirm the evolution of Spirit. It is inscribed in our hearts as a living fire. The Yoga of the Sacred Fire is simple and direct. It leads straight up the rocky crags to the rarefied heights of Infinity. By refining the consciousness in the fire of the heart, we will certainly realize the joy and freedom of the higher worlds. Precisely, the heart, says the Teacher, can open the entrance into the higher worlds. No special asceticism is needed, love, labor and beauty are within the reach of all.

The Way of the Sacred Fire leads to union with the divine through the natural affinity that exists between the fire of the heart and the fiery Heart Essence of the Universe. As we embrace this divine Fire our spiritual sensitivity increases, drawing us up, like a magnet, into the higher worlds and the Oneness of Being.