Our belief in separation has created in us a deep spiritual loneliness. It is this loneliness, this feeling of separation from life and meaning that is the primary cause of our suffering. It is what drives us to seek out love. But most of us are seeking love from others rather than generating it within ourselves. It is not always easy to understand that our happiness arises, not from being loved, but from loving others.

The awakening heart consciousness experiences joy for it perceives the beauty and grandeur of its spiritual nature. The awakened heart consciousness hears the painful cries of humanity and is thus motivated to action. The awakened heart consciousness knows, without a shadow of doubt, that behind it all is Love. The awakened heart consciousness knows that out of this Love arises the creative impulse behind all that is beautiful. The awakened heart consciousness is invincible because it is inseparably interconnected with the power and heart essence of an infinite cosmos.