SENSA: The Language of the Gods, Sacred Geometry and The Ancient Mysteries


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In the same way that science relies upon the language of mathematics to give a precise and accurate description of its findings, so the spiritual scientists of the Ancient Mysteries, in order to accurately express their understanding of fundamental laws and principles, made use of the natural language inherent in the subtle geometric and harmonic structure of Nature Herself. These symbolic formulas were based upon the ancient axiom expressed by Plato that ‘God Geometrizes;’ meaning that everything in Nature follows the basic geometric and harmonic patterns set for it upon the archetypal planes of existence. This natural language, which has always been kept secret from the uninitiated, differs fundamentally from other languages in that its symbols do not arbitrarily represent objects, but rather the original archetypal patterns from which the objects are formed.

“SENSA is a jewel of a book.” —The Beacon: A Magazine of Esoteric Philosophy.

“One of the most important books I have read in recent years.” —Martin Viewg, co-author of When the Soul Awakens.

“The SENSA book is amazing.” —Lars Muhi, author of The Law of Light.

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“Impressive.” —Gesine Abrahm, author of Keeping the Magic Alive.

“Your SENSA book was brilliant.” —Donna Mitchell-Moniak author of Astrology Illuminated.

“Answers lingering esoteric questions with the greatest clarity.” —Nancy Seifer co-author of When the Soul Awakens.

“SENSA is a must-read for all serious esoteric students…” —John Nash The Esoteric Quarterly

Limited to 100 copies, Published 2019