The Book of Hermes (Out of Print)

The Book of Hermes By Three Initiates
Edited with Introduction and Notes by Dorje Jinpa

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The Sacred Mysteries can be traced, like a golden thread of light, through the heart and soul of all the great nations of the ancient world. In the early days of our history the Mysteries were ‘radiant with a divine splendor, awesome and fearful to the multitude, benign and beautiful to the wise.’ The Mystery Schools were then widespread and initiates educated themselves by traveling from one Mystery center to another. Pythagoras and Plato are said to have been educated in this way, both becoming initiates of the Egyptian Mysteries The Sacred Schools, though still active, have now completely disappeared from public view. This, it is said, will soon change; the return of the Mysteries is imminent and the Gods will once again walk the Earth with human beings. This is affirmed by Brother D.K., the author of Bailey Books, and by Rudolf Steiner, a seer of remarkable insight and vision.  Both of these Initiate Brothers have sought, in their writings, to prepare the way for the return of the Mysteries. 

The purpose of the Mysteries, according to Plato, is “to return the soul to the purity of the higher worlds from which it has fallen.” According to the Esoteric Tradition this is accomplished through initiation, a dynamic process of illumination and regeneration in which the Gods Themselves are said to participate. “The initiates,” says Socrates, “are certain to enter into the presence of the Gods.”

Limited to 100 numbered copies, Hardback, Signed by the author