Exploring the Hermetic and Esoteric Sciences, the Ancient Mysteries, Great Initiates, the Rosicrucian, Egyptian, and Celtic Mysteries, Occultism, Esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, and the Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness.

A Synthesis of Alchemy: An Enquiry into the Secrets of Hermetic Philosophy

By Dorje Jinpa

“Transmutation,” writes D.K., “is the changing of one vibration and one vibratory activity into another higher one.” Lead, say the alchemists, is low on the evolutionary scale of the mineral kingdom vibrations, while gold is high. Therefore by raising the vibratory activity of lead to a higher vibratory frequency gold can be created. How, you might ask, do we change the vibrational activity of something?

Sensa: Secret Symbols of the Ancient Mysteries

By Dorje Jinpa

In the same way that science relies upon the language of mathematics to give a precise and accurate description of its findings, so the spiritual scientists of the Ancient Mysteries, in order to accurately express their understanding of fundamental laws and principles, made use of the natural language inherent in the subtle geometric and harmonic structure of Nature Herself.

The Book of Hermes

By Dorje Jinpa

The Sacred Mysteries can be traced, like a golden thread of light, through the heart and soul of all the great nations of the ancient world. In the early days of our history the Mysteries were ‘radiant with a divine splendor, awesome and fearful to the multitude, benign and beautiful to the wise.’ The Mystery Schools were then widespread and initiates educated themselves by traveling from one Mystery center to another.

Agni Yoga and the Knights of the Sacred Fire

By Dorje Jinpa

By divine right do we affirm the evolution of Spirit. It is inscribed in our hearts as a living fire. The Yoga of the Sacred Fire is simple and direct. It leads straight up the rocky crags to the rarefied heights of Infinity. By refining the consciousness in the fire of the heart, we will certainly realize the joy and freedom of the higher worlds. Precisely, the heart, says the Teacher, can open the entrance into the higher worlds.

No special asceticism is needed, love, labor and beauty are within the reach of all.

Secrets of the Heart

By Dorje Jinpa

Our belief in separation has created in us a deep spiritual loneliness. It is this loneliness, this feeling of separation from life and meaning that is the primary cause of our suffering. It is what drives us to seek out love. But most of us are seeking love from others rather than generating it within ourselves. It is not always easy to understand that our happiness arises, not from being loved, but from loving others.